Happy Friday

Well today has been quite a busy day! It started with a 6am alarm and has not slowed down. Today is my turn to blog, so I’ll tell you about our day. Met Beth and Kevin (M&D for Mom and Dad) last night at the hotel not knowing M had plans to get up and ready for work at 6AM. If I had known that I would have stayed at my place! JK, it is really good to spend time with them. We had breakfast at 7am and were ready to rock and roll, well sort of, it sometimes takes awhile. I need a lot of coffee to get going. You may not realize this and it has taken me many years to learn but mom’s are usually always right. I may regret saying that later… Anyway, mom suggested I go to the DMV at 8am right away before people get there to renew my license. My plan was to go at around 11AM. Well, I went at 8am but Siri sent me on a wild goose chase to some gated community with no DMV in sight. Not a good start to the morning, so after asking google maps app, I finally arrived at the correct place and had that taken care of really quickly because the waiting line was really short. After that went straight to the Ramada hotel where the stamp convention is at. Please forgive my distraction here because I think Siri is kinda funny. So I told D how Siri was being naughty and he asked how she would respond if I told her that. Her response was…



So sassy, but after that the real fun begins! M brought the new stamps to the show and they are just adorable. I love tiny things and these little stamps are so cute. M made the Clara owl tiny to fit into the circle cards and DD60 circle stamps.

tiny clara owl

tiny clara owl

Trying not to get too distracted by the cute new stuff, I labeled and packaged some before heading to work. These DD55 phrases can fit in a ton of different scenarios and are not limited.




After M&D and Trav, set up the booth, they met me in Uptown at Famous Dave’s for dinner over my “lunch” break. Loved that they could come and join me! Whew, can’t believe it is 11pm already. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and hope to see some of you at the show in Bloomington tomorrow and Sunday. Here is a link for more information: http://rubberstampevents.com/bloomington-mn-show 

– KB

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