Die Cut Storage

Studio Pictures

die cut storageSo our son Travis was a huge Pokemon fan when he was little and he had a huge pile of them all organized in this binder!  Well he no longer cares about Pokemon and so his cards went to Goodwill (I bring as much to Goodwill as I buy! :)) but I kept the binder and use it for my little dies!  It works well!

Kevin used this binder in 4th grade!  ok so I know that I am a pack rat but I think his mother saved it and gave it to us; so repurpose it is the only way to go!

kevin binder

Karissa came home this weekend so we are going to be very busy I’m sure.  Although she said she plans to spend the entire weekend in her swimming suit…she misses the pool at home probably more than  us!  Both of our children were Lifeguards in another time of their lives so they love the water.

I got my slab painted (sorry Ronda…nothing fancy just plain brown :()  but it looks so much better than peeling paint!

back slab painted

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