Bugger of a Day!




ok so do you ever have one of those days???  Gasp, I should maybe just go back to bed!  My day didn’t start out to bad except that I slept in a little later than I wanted too so I was a bit annoyed with myself.  But I do love this ladybug card that has one of our new stamps that was designed to go with The Paper Cut, Inc Flag Paper! The flags cut beautifully on the brother machine.  Which, by the way, we put Bill Me Later with Paypal on our website so you can make payments on the machine!

Wednesday is usually cleaning day but I’ve adopted a new cleaning habit that I really like.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Pinterest has changed a lot of things in my life!  I now clean a little bit every day and really the house stays pretty clean all week…so today was clean the wood floors and vacuum/dust the living room and dining room.  I usually clean the hard wood floors with tea bags seeped in water.  I was going to do the floors the other day so I boiled the tea bags in water and then tried to save it for today.  Not a good idea.  My water was moldy so I started that all over again and proceeded with no problems 🙂

I usually cook on Wednesdays for the whole family so I decided to start a little early and made the corn casserole and grape salad and all that went fine. Although with all the delays I didn’t get to the shop until 9:15 am and that is where it started going down hill 🙂

I wanted to make circle cards with my brother machine and after many failed attempts (it can be done…I just need to do it on another day!) this is what I ended up with.


and yes that is a big hole in my mat!  So I’m going shopping!


5 thoughts on “Bugger of a Day!

  1. I’d go shopping too! Thanks for your emails….and not just the ones I have a laugh with…all of them! We all have “day’s like this”….and I applaud you for sharing it! I probably would have tried to Hide it!


    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:41:46 +0000 To: mlhaupt@hotmail.com


  2. LOL- love your solution to a bad day…. When the going gets tough, the tough go SHOPPING!

    Retail therapy helps everything!


  3. What an adorable card! Sorry to hear about your day. I do like your remedy, “go shopping” … I will have to try that. I have never heard of using tea to clean hardwood floors. Can you elaborate on that? Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. I read about it on…where else but…Pinterest! I take two cups of water and two tea bags and boil. I either let cool or if I’m in a hurry I add some white vinegar to cool it down. Then I just take a rag and dip it in and squeeze all the water out and wash! It works awesome!


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