Florida Bound!



so we are off in the truck this morning headed for Orlando, FL!  Yesterday I had planned to spent time in my studio stamping when I suddenly realized the grass needed mowing so there went my time in the studio.  Then Kevin needed my help with the pool.  Our pool liner got a rip in it so that means the whole thing comes out and a new one put in.  He spent the last two days on the pool.  All is well now, the liner is in and the pool is filling up with water.

I thought I would share how I’m storing my mats for my brother machine.  Kevin put up some pegboard in the studio and I thought I would punch a hole in the mat but Kevin didn’t think that was a good idea so I  had some pant hangers hanging around and they  work beautifully!


One thought on “Florida Bound!

  1. Drive safe! Hope it’s not too humid in FL for you, but you will mostly be inside. You do have to unload and load again. Have a great show!

    Loved the card…and so appropriate, because I AM ‘SO GLAD’ we are friends! Just think, had I not seen a segment on the Martha Stewart show featuring Sandy Genovese, talking about scrapbooking back in the 90’s, I possibly never would have met you. Leading me to meet Sonya, leading to her meeting Bo. I could go on. I guess we could say Martha and Sandy are the ones responsible for bringing the two of them together. How I digress…

    Have a good one!!


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