June 22

well we are packed and on the road to Orlando, FL. Hoping we have everything !!😜

Stamps Used: HH29 Star Border; D303 KB’sPresent; G220 Happy Birthday Tina Lg; 

3 Responses to “June 22”

  1. Judi LaBuda Says:

    Praying for your safe travels! – Judi

  2. Susan Bainbridge Says:

    I have to write to you. I am again so sorry about the show. Was it terrible for you? was there a lot of people there that day? I have heard nothing.
    I feel like I let you down. If you want me ever again, please let me know.

    FYI, just to let you know as I am writing you, Nancy Cloud lost her husband last week. It was a terrible tragedy (he got murdered by a person he was counseling). Just thought you would like to continue to remember her and the family in your prayers.

    Hope to hear from you in whatever spare time you have.

    Love in Christ,
    Susan Bainbridge

    Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:52:56 +0000
    To: susanjocb@hotmail.com

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