May 31


I hope you all had a nice relaxing long weekend! We spent the weekend re-making our wood stamp cases. What a project!  Now we need to re-do the card displays. Endless Work I call it.😝

We are off to West Springfield, MA tomorrow. We are looking for help in our booth on Saturday. If anyone is interested please email me at for the information. 

Stamps Used: EE27 Whumpsy Daisy Sm; A190 Tiny Heart; F210 Fancy RectangleG317 Happy Birthday Border; 

May 26


Good Morning! I think I might be getting my mojo back after not feeling well for a few months !  so happy! 

I got some painting in, some blueberry crisp made, breakfast for Kevin. Yes  I’m feeling so much better πŸ˜› Its amazing that you don’t even realize you don’t feel well until you feel better. Pain can be a real strength zapper. 

Stamps Used: F229 Lavender Lg; G317 Happy Birthday Border; 

May 26

Birthday, Uncategorized

A bright and cheerful birthday card this morning!  We have grey skies and clouds today after several days of sunshine. Heading to the shop early before it gets hot. We found if we work early then we don’t need to run the air so that is the plan for today. 

Feeling ok today after yesterday’s tooth extraction. Some pain and tenderness but not worse than the pain from the cracked tooth 😝

Stamps Used: A190 Tiny Heart; F210 Fancy Rectangle; DD81 Simple Tall Daisy sm; EE56 Simple Long Daisy lg; FF33 Fancy Birdbath; HH28 Dots & Lines Borders; E43 Happy Birthday;

May 24th


it’s been quite a day today !  I’ve had a cracked tooth for a few months now and finally the pain became unbearable. The dentist tried to save the tooth but it just cracked further and had to be pulled today 😒 at least the pain should now go away and my energy should be back to normal. Looking forward to that. 

Stamps used :  EE48 Snails; C285 Hello Circle; 

May 17

Mother's Day

Today’s card is the card I meant to post on Mother’s Day…sometimes I get confused about what cards have been blogged or not blogged. I need a better way to keep track πŸ™„

Beautiful day here in WI. In for some good weather for a while.  We worked in the shop most of the day. Kevin couldn’t resist the good weather and spent the afternoon changing tires around. I think he just wanted a break from stamp making! 😜

Stamps Used; GG29 KB’s Geraniums l F117 Happy Mothers Day; 

May 13


Friday the 13th!! 

We had a pretty exciting day at the Stamp and Scapbook Expo in Denver CO today! At about 12:45 pm the entire expo building ( in addition to approximately 55 Excell Energy customers ) lost power. No lights except a few emergency lights in the entire building. This lasted for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes. It was crazy!  

Customers were shopping with their flashlights on their cell phones! Doing make n takes with their flashlights. Pretty Crazy!   Check out was a little complicated but we managed. 

We’ve never had that happen in the 16+ years we’ve been doing shows😳 

So we are heading home tomorrow. Stopping to visit some friends of ours in Kearny, NE on Sunday before heading home. Looking forward to that. 

Stamps Used: F210 Fancy Rectangle; E43 Happy Birthday; A190 Tiny Heart; F237 KB’s Present Lg;

May 11

Friendship, Thinking of You, Uncategorized

Our travels continue!  We are just inside the NE borders. We went through some rain but now the radar shows smooth sailing ahead with no rain. A cold front went through and so it’s a little cooler out so nice for travel. Cloudy skies are also nice for travel since the sun doesn’t best down on you. Electronics are much easier to see in cloudy weather too!

Stamps Used: J35 Live, Laugh, Love; DD82 Krinkle Butterfly Lg;