More Mother’s Day – May 12, 2020

Cutting Dies w/ matching stamp, Dull Glossy Paper, flowers, Mother's Day

Thought I would continue with the Mother’s Day cards… Really busy at work this week …will be working all week now… We have also had really cold weather and even a few snowflakes 🙄

Stamps and Cutting Dies Used:

GG47 Hollyhocks;

BB60 Butterflies;

Double Stitch Rectangle;

F270 Happy Mother’s Day;

Mother’s Day – May 11, 2020

Cutting Dies w/ matching stamp, Dull Glossy Paper, flowers, Mother's Day

Hello!! I have a few more Mother’s Day cards to post… worked a lot last week so it interferes with the posting a little; I should schedule them but that takes time too. I literally did nothing yesterday and it’s been a long time since I wasted a whole day.

Stamps and Cutting Dies Used:

D299 Butterflies;

GG51 Daisies Lg;

F270 Happy Mother’s Day;

D347 Your Day;

D336 Full of Awesomeness;

Double Stitch Rectangle Cutting Dies;

Mother’s Day – May 5, 2020

Cutting Dies w/ matching stamp, Dull Glossy Paper, flowers, Mother's Day

Good Evening! I got to spend the afternoon making Mother’s Day cards. It was so relaxing and fun! so I let Kevin pick one for his Mom and then I picked one for my Mom – all ready for Mother’s Day!!

Stamps and Cutting Dies Used:

Double Stitch Rectangle Cutting Die;

F270 Happy Mother’s Day;

GG50 Peonies Rubber Stamp and Cutting Dies;

D347 It’s Your Day;

D336 Full of Amazingness;

April 25

Joy Fold, Mother's Day


Quiet day today while we get ready to go! Last minute rush 🤪

So for those who have asked… here are the joy fold measurements:

base: 4.25×8.50 scored at 5.50″

Top: 3.00×8.00 scored at 4.00″

Stamps Used:

F270 Happy Mother’s Day; D298 Incredible Day Smile; DD82 Krinkle Butterfly;

Cutting Die Used: Krinkle Butterflies Die;

June 16

Baby Cards, Get Well Soon, Mother's Day

I know Mother’s Day is past and Father’s Day is this weekend but I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short!  Someone has to be might as well be me! 😳

Loving the new baking stamps!  

We have much to do today. Kevin sand blasted all our out door furniture so we are painting it today. Cleaning the house and getting ready for our company. Laundry needs catching up and baking 3 pans of brownies for the grad party. So I have 1/2 the house cleansed already, brownies baking and 2nd load of laundry in. I love getting up early! 

Have a great weekend!

Stamps Used: C307 Rolling Pin; DD100 Oven Mitt; E309 Whisk; F270 Mother’s Day; 

Feb 15

Coffee, Friendship, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day

Sending a cup of love ❤️ today since I missed yesterday. We had a busy day. I tackled a mountain of paperwork ( yes, it follows me everywhere), had lunch together, shopped for some organization in the fridge. Things really move around in there during traveling. Drove around the Island. Whew, time flies. 

Stamps Used:  G316 Capp Cup Lg; D268 Cup of Love;

Another awesome card from my friend Michelle!

May 17

Mother's Day

Today’s card is the card I meant to post on Mother’s Day…sometimes I get confused about what cards have been blogged or not blogged. I need a better way to keep track 🙄

Beautiful day here in WI. In for some good weather for a while.  We worked in the shop most of the day. Kevin couldn’t resist the good weather and spent the afternoon changing tires around. I think he just wanted a break from stamp making! 😜

Stamps Used; GG29 KB’s Geraniums l F117 Happy Mothers Day; 

April 28

Mother's Day

Good Evening. I feel like I didn’t get much done today. Got a couple orders out, went grocery shopping , took my nephew to school , did a Menards run for the boys, made supper, Did two loads of laundry, and made this card!😝

My sister and brother in law are re-doing their bathroom and today was “demo” day!  Kevin and Brent have the whole bathroom out down to the studs.  The kids took their showers here after supper.  Tommorow we will be putting up dry wall and hopefully getting the new shower in. 

Mother’s Day cards should be going in the mail soon!!  I was suppose to be doing graduation cards for two invites we got!  Maybe Tommorow?!?

Stamps Used:  AA32 Krinkle Butterfly mini; F117 Happy Mother’s Day; GG29 Geraniums Lg; E222 Abundant Good Wishes;