April 28

Mother's Day

Good Evening. I feel like I didn’t get much done today. Got a couple orders out, went grocery shopping , took my nephew to school , did a Menards run for the boys, made supper, Did two loads of laundry, and made this card!😝

My sister and brother in law are re-doing their bathroom and today was “demo” day!  Kevin and Brent have the whole bathroom out down to the studs.  The kids took their showers here after supper.  Tommorow we will be putting up dry wall and hopefully getting the new shower in. 

Mother’s Day cards should be going in the mail soon!!  I was suppose to be doing graduation cards for two invites we got!  Maybe Tommorow?!?

Stamps Used:  AA32 Krinkle Butterfly mini; F117 Happy Mother’s Day; GG29 Geraniums Lg; E222 Abundant Good Wishes;

April 25


Good Evening!  We got home at 3 am this morning 😛 We had a pile of orders waiting so we were pretty busy today. If you are waiting on orders from us…they will all go out in the morning unless you’ve ordered the triple flag die that  will be in later this week. 

I loved what this customer did to her make n take card this weekend!  Of course I love polka dots. How cute is this present ?!? loved it!

Stamp Used: F237 KB’s Present; AA10 Dual dots ; 

Someone asked how she did the dots and I realized I forgot to add the polka dot stamp. After she colored the present ; she used the dual dot stamp to stamp the polka dots!

April 21

Creatures, Friendship

good morning! We had a good day of travel yesterday to Elkhart, IN. Went to a bible study in Goshen, IN and now this morning we are heading to South Bend, IN.  We are going to a salvage / junk yard to get a hood for our suburban which hit a turkey and has a big dent.  One of the perks of travel 😊we can search the whole USA when we need something. 

Stamps Used: F235 Triple Flag Banner; B275 Wild about You; EE36 KB’s Fox;

April 20!

Birthday, triple flag

Hello!  So!  We have been increditably busy!  We snuck over to Eastern WI for a special meeting but spent a little time with Karissa and my brother and his wife. Then our son came home for a few days and brought some others with him so we have had some good days. 

Now it’s back to work 😊 We have actually left for the Akron, OH show already. We need to get some repairs done on the toy hauler in Elkhart, IN. 

Today’s card is going to be a future Make n Take. I don’t have it ready for Akron but don’t fear- I have 4 new ones for Akron so we have been working. 😉

Stamps Used: E282 Love Birthday Banner;   F235 Triple Flag Banner; AA32 Krinkle Butterfly Tiny; ;CC73 Double Grass; FF33 Fancy Birdbath; BB56 KB’s Birdbath Bird; F208 Happy Happy B-day;

April 14


so this is the blog post from Thursday and I’m not sure why it isn’t published but sometimes technology challenges me 😳

good evening!  so I continue to be really boring. Nothing exciting going on around here except stamp making and a lot of paperwork!😛. We had to get a new accounting system and it has been occupying my time so nothing fun is happening. 

Stamps Used: F243 Empty Happy; EE58 Long Birthday Fun Cube; 

April 11


hello!  a few of our new stamps!

So our very busy continues. We have some special company coming over the next few days, we have stamps to make, and we have a whole new accounting system to set up. GROAN! At least our company is very exciting!

To make things more exciting…Kevin was putting the trim back up in the kitchen from when we finished it and he accidentally hammered a nail into a water pipe. His 2 hour project has now become a 2 day project. 😢

Stamps Used: F243 Empty Happy; EE58 Long Birthday Fun Cube; B241 AP’s Birthday Cake;

April 8


good morning!  Lots to do today. Picking up taxes Groan! Necessary evil😜. stamps to make , new accounting system to set up, house to clean.  not sure how far down that list I will get but I’m up early and ready to get going!

Stamps used:  DD63 Dots & Lines; AA32 Krinkle Butterflies Mini; C285 Hello Circle; DD82 Krinkle Butterflies; E283 Beauty All Around;