April 20!

Birthday, triple flag

Hello!  So!  We have been increditably busy!  We snuck over to Eastern WI for a special meeting but spent a little time with Karissa and my brother and his wife. Then our son came home for a few days and brought some others with him so we have had some good days. 

Now it’s back to work 😊 We have actually left for the Akron, OH show already. We need to get some repairs done on the toy hauler in Elkhart, IN. 

Today’s card is going to be a future Make n Take. I don’t have it ready for Akron but don’t fear- I have 4 new ones for Akron so we have been working. πŸ˜‰

Stamps Used: E282 Love Birthday Banner;   F235 Triple Flag Banner; AA32 Krinkle Butterfly Tiny; ;CC73 Double Grass; FF33 Fancy Birdbath; BB56 KB’s Birdbath Bird; F208 Happy Happy B-day;

2 thoughts on “April 20!

  1. Not sure if my last comment posted. You have a group of fans here in Elkhart, and if time allows we would love to grab a bite with you and you on your way through. Facebook message me. Otherwise, we will see you in Akron!


    1. Hi Jane! That would be so much fun but we have a list of things we are already doing. We are going to a bible study tonight. Tomorrow we are going to a junk yard to get a hood for a truck that hit a turkey. long story but s good one!😝 We’ve been searching all over for one and it just happens to be in a town near Elkhart and in the afternoon we will be heading to Akron. Will you guys be staying at the downtown hotel in Akron? maybe we could meet Friday night?!?


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