March 29

Anniversary/Wedding, Mother's Day

Good Evening. We’ve been really busy getting ready for the next show.  Hoping we are going to catch up one of these days. 

We’ve got some new stamps that we haven’t even stamped with yet. yikes! It has been killing me to walk by them and not pick them up. one of these days. 

Stamps Used: EE25 Dots & Lines; DD32 Anniversary Fun Cube; F196 Wishing you; B237 Daisies in a jar Mini;

March 24


Good Morning!  well our 15 inches of snow ended up only being 3-4″!  Thank goodness 😜. We went to gospel meeting last night and there was no snow at our house but the further south we drove the more snow we saw. Trip home was a little slow but Kevin loves driving in the elements. 

I’m almost caught up with all the orders. The last should go out today. My neice had been helping us the last few days. She’s been a big help. 

I’ve been working on some new make n takes. Hoping to have a few more new ones for Allentown. 

Well it’s off to the trenches 😊

Stamps Used:  F235 Triple Flag Banner; A190 Tiny Heart; B226 KB’s Capp Cup sm; DD64 Coffee Fun Cube; D236 Coffee Moment of Pleasure; G316 KB’s Capp Cup Lg;

March 23

With Sympathy

So we are apparently waiting for a very large snow storm😳 oh good grief!  We are so over snow. The weather was awesome yesterday… very spring like.  I guess I will be taking boots down to the shop in anticipation of snow. My neice came and helped yesterday since they are on spring break. It was nice to have an extra pair of hands working. 

Up early today trying to get caught up. I feel like I’ve been behind for weeks now😣

Stamps Used;  C283 need a hug?; F235 Triple Flag Banner; AA31 tiny butterflies; G335 Peace & Comfort; EE54 Stella Flower; FF54 Stella a Flower Lg; 

March 16

Creatures, Friendship, Valentine's Day

We are sending some love this morning!  Hoping to get in the shop early today. I will feel caught up when we get all the internet orders out and the taxes to the accountant 🙃

Stamps Used:  EE36 Foxes; CC73 Grass; EE52 Paper Airplanes; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; C199 Woodchuck;

We have gotten some of the dies back in stock and we have updated the website!!!