March 23

So we are apparently waiting for a very large snow storm😳 oh good grief!  We are so over snow. The weather was awesome yesterday… very spring like.  I guess I will be taking boots down to the shop in anticipation of snow. My neice came and helped yesterday since they are on spring break. It was nice to have an extra pair of hands working. 

Up early today trying to get caught up. I feel like I’ve been behind for weeks now😣

Stamps Used;  C283 need a hug?; F235 Triple Flag Banner; AA31 tiny butterflies; G335 Peace & Comfort; EE54 Stella Flower; FF54 Stella a Flower Lg; 

4 Responses to “March 23”

  1. Donna M. Fetter Says:

    My name is Donna, I know you will be in Allentown, PA on April 2 and 3. I also see that there are classes Friday night. I would be interested in coming to the class. Are you going to be there? How much does it cost? How does one, get to come to this event? Any information about this, would be great! Thanks for your time. Donna. 🙂


    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      I went to the Heirloom Website to copy the link for you to sign up for the class, but it has sold out. I’m so sorry.


      • Donna Fetter Says:

        Good afternoon,
        Thank you for checking in on that for me. I love the cards you create, and thought it would be easier for me to come Friday. I just had a total knee replacement. I know how upset people get when you sit at your stand all day. Well, maybe l can work something out. Alright, thanks again for the info. Talk to you soon! Have a great day! Hugs, Donna 🙂


  2. Donna Fetter Says:

    Good morning!
    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to try to help me. No need to apologize. I just love your make-n-takes. I usually try to make all of your samples when I get there. Just had a total knee replacement, and not sure if I can handle the crowd yet. So, l thought Friday night would be so much easier. Again, thank you. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Donna 🙂


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