Birthday Kite


incredible birthday

Here is one of our new stamps that just came out!  Got to spend a few hours in my studio yesterday (spent the first 45 minutes cleaning up from the last time!)  LOVING my new brother machine.  I used it several times yesterday. At supper on Wednesday my future brother-in-law said to me “I love your brother!” I said which one since I have two but he was talking about my Scan and Cut!

I started putting the new stamps on the website last night but it will take a few more hours at the keyboard.  I did get all the new handmade by different states on.  We hope to take the weekend off and do some projects around the house so looking forward to that.  Have a great Father’s day…so glad my kids have one of the greatest Dad’s in the world!

One thought on “Birthday Kite

  1. Hi, Beth. I love the newest card post.
    The word stamp is great, but the teacher in me needs to tell you that it is not grammatically correct. It should be “wishing you an incredible birthday.” I offer this correction with only the best intentions. You know I love your products and your creativity!
    After seeing your posts, I got a Scan and Cut. I love it!!!
    Wishing you a fabulous Friday. A.


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