Oh Good Grief!

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Good Morning!  So here’s another new stamp that is coming out!

So for those of you who know your grammar…:) thanks for letting me know about the grammar problem with the stamp from our post on Friday!  The day was Friday the 13th, a full moon, and MY 50th Birthday!  Hard to believe I’m that old but it’s true…my sister couldn’t let the day go by without a party!

birhday cake

so I survived the party and re-made the stamp!


lot’s going on this week with my sister getting married!  We have a fabulous day for Green Bay today -80 degrees and sunny.  We had a really productive weekend around the house and I will be showing you some of the things we have done later this week.

Also a GOOD offer from Brother.  They are offering a pre-paid visa card for $20 with the purchase of the Brother Scan and Cut until June 21st.  We are putting the machine on our website so you can purchase it directly from us if you would like!  I LOVE the machine and from everyone who has purchased one…I have been hearing the same thing.  We will offer them for $449.00 for the  CM250.  We are not charging shipping as of yet so a great deal!  so have a GREAT Monday!

3 thoughts on “Oh Good Grief!

    1. this is the middle machine. CM250. My understanding is that the larger machine just has more quilt patterns. This machine comes with blade holder, pen holder, pens, deep cut blade, standard blade, two standard mats, and one low tack mat. Also some stuff for material which I have not explored! You would love this machine!


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