Thurs May 8



so I have a brother (actually a couple of them and they are both awesome!) but I have never sent them handmade cards for their birthdays.  Imagine that!??  So this year with our new family fun cubes I made this for my older brother.  The eye glasses are made from a pattern in the (of course ! My new favorite tool!) brother scan and cut machine!  My only complaint with the machine is the mat!  If they wear out this  fast…I’m going to be trying some spray adhesive…although not recommend by brother.

I also took a spellbinder die and cut it out then cut an oval out of it like this…


then scanned it in to the machine and cut out the green pieces!  Cool huh!??!



sorry about my messy desk!  I have had  a crazy couple of days!  My Phone Died!  and I can’t believe how much I rely on that dumb thing!  It’s a little ridiculous but I was lost!  All is found now with a shiny new phone and back in business!  It was a good week for it to die since there was a Mother’s Day Special going on!  Good to be a Mother!