Tues May 6th

Hello, Thank You Cards

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look up

Good Morning!  It is an awesome day here in WI!  Sunshine Abounding!  We are actually headed to town–you know when we go to town- we do everything while there since we don’t go real often.  The big truck needs an oil change and tire rotation before we head to the great state of WA!  The little Ford dealer in town can’t do the big truck so we need to go down into Green Bay.  The joys of living in a small town 🙂  so sad we have to go to town and the big Ford dealer is next to my favorite TJ Maxx store! 🙂

Love this new little bird looking up!  Such a great reminder to look rather than look around at others!  The first card has the bigger bird F230 KB’s Emily Bird named after one of Karissa’s best friend, Emily!  and the smaller one is the brand new one just out in May (not even on website yet! I know…always behind!) D286.  Love it!

I am working on an project…imagine that :)…a friend of ours is having a 40th birthday.  She doesn’t want any party or recognition but we feel 40 is just too good to pass up the opportunity to do something fun for her so we are all sending her 40 of something.  I’m sending her 40 handmade cards!  I know a little crazy of me but I did 20 of them last night in two hours so I’m up for the challenge.  Plus the up side is I have a lot of cards done for the blog!  They are all 3.5″x5.0″ cards so very simple and fun. If you like Instagram (I really don’t even know what it is but it’s an app on my phone!) I’ve already started uploading them there and will get them to the blog soon.  I thought it would be hard to come up with that many ideas but our stamps are so versatile they even work for little cards.  It’s amazing what you can do with ink, paper, and stamps!  Have a great day.