Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day


so we have had some really busy days!   We got some unexpected company on Wednesday, then my folks came for my future brother-in-law’s 40th birthday party, then Karissa came home for Mother’s day!  So we’ve been cooking, doing all kinds of things and trying to get ready for two shows on the West Coast.  I think we have it all together and if we don’t, well, that’s life!  Our company left of Friday, Mom, Dad and Karissa left this morning and I’m all packed and ready to go!

This was my Mother’s day card from Karissa.  Along with a Cheesecake Factory gift card.  Cheesecake Factory happens to be my very favorite restaurant !  so very exciting.  Hope your Monday was a good one.

hope everything is rosy!




Here is a fun rose card for today. It is a cloudy glum weather day but the plants are starting to bloom and hopefully some flowers will be popping up soon. On the roses, I used a light pink, a dark pink and a red Copic marker. Not sure if the picture shows it or not but I had a gold glitter pen and added a bit to the pots for some shine. 

Stamps used: DD47 KB’s Double Circle Rose, C263 hope everything is rosy, CC31 KB’s Bees Sm

Off to bake some tarts for a bridal shower. Have a wonderful weekend!


Thurs May 8



so I have a brother (actually a couple of them and they are both awesome!) but I have never sent them handmade cards for their birthdays.  Imagine that!??  So this year with our new family fun cubes I made this for my older brother.  The eye glasses are made from a pattern in the (of course ! My new favorite tool!) brother scan and cut machine!  My only complaint with the machine is the mat!  If they wear out this  fast…I’m going to be trying some spray adhesive…although not recommend by brother.

I also took a spellbinder die and cut it out then cut an oval out of it like this…


then scanned it in to the machine and cut out the green pieces!  Cool huh!??!



sorry about my messy desk!  I have had  a crazy couple of days!  My Phone Died!  and I can’t believe how much I rely on that dumb thing!  It’s a little ridiculous but I was lost!  All is found now with a shiny new phone and back in business!  It was a good week for it to die since there was a Mother’s Day Special going on!  Good to be a Mother!

Wed May 7th


emily bird

Good Evening!  Here is a fun card using some of my yellow paint chips that I got when I was re -decorating my laundry room.  Emily bird was cut out using my awesome Brother Scan and Cut Machine…see how nice a job it does around the feet?  Love it!  The tag the saying is in was from a pattern in the brother machine too!
I have 30 cards done of my 40 and 10 more to go in the morning and then to get them to the postoffice!  Yikes! I’ve noticed that I’m making the cards more complicated…need to get back to simple!

We have an appointment for the truck at 9 am all the way in Green Bay so I need to get up real early and get going if I’m going to get anything done tomorrow!

Tues May 6th

Hello, Thank You Cards

so tweet

look up

Good Morning!  It is an awesome day here in WI!  Sunshine Abounding!  We are actually headed to town–you know when we go to town- we do everything while there since we don’t go real often.  The big truck needs an oil change and tire rotation before we head to the great state of WA!  The little Ford dealer in town can’t do the big truck so we need to go down into Green Bay.  The joys of living in a small town 🙂  so sad we have to go to town and the big Ford dealer is next to my favorite TJ Maxx store! 🙂

Love this new little bird looking up!  Such a great reminder to look rather than look around at others!  The first card has the bigger bird F230 KB’s Emily Bird named after one of Karissa’s best friend, Emily!  and the smaller one is the brand new one just out in May (not even on website yet! I know…always behind!) D286.  Love it!

I am working on an project…imagine that :)…a friend of ours is having a 40th birthday.  She doesn’t want any party or recognition but we feel 40 is just too good to pass up the opportunity to do something fun for her so we are all sending her 40 of something.  I’m sending her 40 handmade cards!  I know a little crazy of me but I did 20 of them last night in two hours so I’m up for the challenge.  Plus the up side is I have a lot of cards done for the blog!  They are all 3.5″x5.0″ cards so very simple and fun. If you like Instagram (I really don’t even know what it is but it’s an app on my phone!) I’ve already started uploading them there and will get them to the blog soon.  I thought it would be hard to come up with that many ideas but our stamps are so versatile they even work for little cards.  It’s amazing what you can do with ink, paper, and stamps!  Have a great day.

Monday May 5th

Anniversary/Wedding, Valentine's Day

heartbeat card

Good Morning Ladies!  I have to say that the $449.00 I spent on my new Brother Scan N Cut Machine was the best investment in a tool in a really long time!  Look at how awesome it cut out the heart beat stamp.  I played all afternoon yesterday in my studio and it cut perfect every time.  I think I have  the stamp, scan, and cut part figured out.  I do have the bigger (I think it has more patterns!) machine.  It also comes with more pens/blade holders that sort of thing.

this is what it looks like from the paper I cut it out of…

heartbeat scan

sorry about the shadow 🙂

here is what my awesome machine looks like…


I have ordered three machines to sell.  We are headed to Puyallup, WA and hope to have three machines there too.  If anybody wants one….just email me at and I can save you one if you pre-pay for it.  They are $449.00.  No shipping if you pick up at the show.  If someone lives in WI and wants to drive to my house to pick up a machine.  There will also be no shipping charges.  If you live any where else in the US and want one -I charge just what the post office charges me to ship plus insurance on it.  I don’t add any $$ to the shipping charge.  SO if you want one…just email me.  Shipping will be different for where ever you live!  Seriously this is the machine for STAMPERS!


my sister made this for a friend that got married and cut it out with vinyl.  We printed it on the computer, then scanned it, and then cut it!

Fri May 2nd



here are a few of our stamps cut out with the brother Scan and  Cut machine.  It seriously makes all your stamps into a die cut!  How many of you have more than 16 dies???  That is approximately the cost of the machine but is  so much more versatile.  It does have some built in patterns and I’ve seen how to take svg. cutting files and convert them to the brother.  Amazing!  The machine can do so much but all I really care about is stamping and then cutting and THAT is incredible easy with this machine.  The only thing that I always forget to do is add the .04 edge to the scan.  Otherwise the machine cuts right next to the stamped image and I feel that it is more pleasing to the eye to have a little border!   Melissa – I saw someone on You Tube take one of their cricut cartridges and do something in the brother with it – you might want to look it up before selling your cartridges 🙂

We are up early and getting some last minute things ready for the Sayner, WI show.  Just a 3 1/2 hour drive for us so nice and easy.  Have a super weekend- we have rain, rain, rain and more rain predicted!

Thurs May 1st



so here is a cute penguin card…I don’t know why I’m still on snow!  But I’ve been playing with my new triple swing dies that I have been cutting.  I’m going to include some instructions today for how to place them.

cutting z folds

so my whole piece of paper is cut at 12″ x 5.5″  You will have a little waste to cut off but I say better too much then too little because once it is cut off there is no putting it back on 🙂

On the left side there is a score at 4.25″  I then place the back straight piece of the die along the 6.5″ ; tape it down then cut it out.  That is really how easy it is!  You will notice once you fold it there is a little area to cut off!

For those of you interested…I did purchase the Brother Scan and Cut Machine.  I spent a total of about 30 minutes on it today and I have to say I’m impressed!  It basically takes the majority of your stamps and makes them into a die cut.  I will have some samples in the morning!