Fri May 2nd



here are a few of our stamps cut out with the brother Scan and  Cut machine.  It seriously makes all your stamps into a die cut!  How many of you have more than 16 dies???  That is approximately the cost of the machine but is  so much more versatile.  It does have some built in patterns and I’ve seen how to take svg. cutting files and convert them to the brother.  Amazing!  The machine can do so much but all I really care about is stamping and then cutting and THAT is incredible easy with this machine.  The only thing that I always forget to do is add the .04 edge to the scan.  Otherwise the machine cuts right next to the stamped image and I feel that it is more pleasing to the eye to have a little border!   Melissa – I saw someone on You Tube take one of their cricut cartridges and do something in the brother with it – you might want to look it up before selling your cartridges 🙂

We are up early and getting some last minute things ready for the Sayner, WI show.  Just a 3 1/2 hour drive for us so nice and easy.  Have a super weekend- we have rain, rain, rain and more rain predicted!

5 thoughts on “Fri May 2nd

  1. Oh my gosh, that is amazing. I have never heard of this machine before, definitely going to check it out! I love foxy cut out – so cute!


  2. Oh! I will have to look into that!!! Otherwise, I can see selling my cartridges as an investment into the Brother! 🙂 The Brother just makes more sense to me now that I’ve seen what it can do! I do a lot of fussy cutting for card making and since it takes ANY stamped image and does that for you, I’m basically sold on the machine. Now I just need to figure out a way to find a decent deal on one and make sure I’ve purged my craft room of enough to make room for a new toy! LOL! 🙂


  3. That is too cool a machine. Do you have the more expensive one? I might have to save my nickels for that one!!!!


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