Mother’s Day!


so we have had some really busy days!   We got some unexpected company on Wednesday, then my folks came for my future brother-in-law’s 40th birthday party, then Karissa came home for Mother’s day!  So we’ve been cooking, doing all kinds of things and trying to get ready for two shows on the West Coast.  I think we have it all together and if we don’t, well, that’s life!  Our company left of Friday, Mom, Dad and Karissa left this morning and I’m all packed and ready to go!

This was my Mother’s day card from Karissa.  Along with a Cheesecake Factory gift card.  Cheesecake Factory happens to be my very favorite restaurant !  so very exciting.  Hope your Monday was a good one.


4 Responses to “Mother’s Day!”

  1. Sue C Says:

    Love the card Karissa! It’s lovely, just as you are. Was wonderful to meet you.

    Funny thing Beth, we were all at that same 40th birthday celebration!

  2. Theresa Gatesy Says:

    OHHH! Where/When in California will you be?

    Do Tell!!


  3. Bette Says:

    K did a beautiful job! You are loved by family close and stampers afar!

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