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Tonight finds us in Amarillo, TX!  Whew it has been a LONG drive!  We picked up  Kevin’s sister Tamara in Kansas City, MO on Sunday (after arriving at 11:20 pm the night before) and had a big day and then drove 7 hours or so to Tulsa, OK while listening to the Packers vs. the Vikings game.  Glad for a big win!  Monday morning found us traveling to Muskogee, OK to visit Aunt Gerri who Kevin has never met before and then off to Amarillo.  Tomorrow is a big day of 12 hours travel so we hope to be up very early and be off.

This snowman card is one of my favorites!  I’m hoping to make it into a make n take for Madison.  Not sure what words I want yet….maybe my coolest friend!

I have been plagued with some sort of plugged ear; from what I have no idea.  It has happened maybe three or four times in the last few years but quite troublesome 🙂  I’ve been hot packing it, putting drops in it, taking medication and nothing seems to help.  Ugh!  Ready for it to go bother someone else!

Hope your Monday was good. you may not hear from me  tomorrow depending on travel 🙂