Gift Card Holders

best sisterGood Morning!  It’s 5 am and we and up and ready to head home today.  Drove 5 hours last night and have a good 12-13 hours to go today!

We were in Baltimore Ravens county this weekend and the Green Bay Packers were playing in Baltimore and I guess we were only about an hour from the game!  How fun would it have been to be at that game?!  The Packers pulled off a win!  Whew, we needed a win.

Met these ladies at the York, PA show this weekend…how adorable are those t-shirts?  Pretty sure my sister and I need these!  I haven’t been home much and I miss my sister!

While in York, PA this weekend we did the coffee cup make n takes and they were well received ! I started thinking about how cool they would be as a gift card holder so on Sunday I set out to make one!  Here is it…

starbucks gift card

starbucks gift card 2How cute is that?  The gift card looks like it sticks really far out of the cup in the pictures but is really about half way and looks good!  I used the Lots of Dots border stamp because it really is one of my favorites !  Well, we had better get going.  Have a good Monday.