Happy Halloween


ghost halloweenHere’s an adorable halloween card.  One of the great things about our stamps is the mirror reverse.  The stamps that have mirror reverse are usually a back to back stamp with no indexing.  The ghost stamp for example has a ghost on one side and then when you flip it over there is another ghost but it is looking right instead of left.  The ghost on this card is looking right and has a little heart on the left.  The opposite side would have the ghost looking left and a little heart on the right.  Make sense right?  🙂  The spider web used in this card also has a left and a right side.



This is DD44 KB’s Ghost.

EE34This is KB’s spider web EE34.

The bat’s are also a mirror reverse…

DD62on a up note…my ear is doing better!  Thank goodness!  Have a great halloween.  Where we are at in Phoenix they get tons (upward of 150+) trick or treaters so we have an exciting night ahead of us.