Christmas Bells

xmas bellsthe picture doesn’t even show how awesome this card is. The colors are beautiful together.  I like the added touch of black.  At first I made it all silver and teal but the little bit of black really sets it off.  Stamps Used:  F193 Hanging Bells, G287 Christmas  Wishes

We finally finished making stamps at 5 pm today!  Seemed like it took forever!  I now need to get all the make n takes ready, get the odds and ends ready and oh try not to forget to pack some clothes! Oh, and also make 15 cards for the blog while we are gone.  yikes, there is still a lot to do. I also didn’t clean on Wednesday since I was too busy making stamps so that needs to be done before we leave.  Brought all my plants in so they don’t die while we are gone…hopefully my sister will keep them alive by watering them 🙂

so our next journey in the stamp making process is to cushion everything.   I really should have taken a picture of what the rubber looks like when it comes out of the vulcanizer because it looks kind of cool.  Maybe when we get back I will try and remember to do that because they do have to be trimmed before they are cushioned.


photo 3Now with the added cling cushion we really have to pay attention to make sure we get the right cushion!  We usually just cut with a blade.  Well I had better get some rest so I can be up and at them tomorrow!


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