helloI love this pattern paper! The other side is pretty cool too!  Hopefully I’ll have some cards with it on tomorrow. We are frantically making stamps and since we have two shows without coming home we have a lot of stamps to make!  Hoped to be done today and trailer packed but didn’t happen 😦

Here’s the next phase of stamp making…we have to cook everything!  And that is only half done, much more to do! Now you see why stamps cost what they do when you consider all the steps to it 🙂

photo 2-2


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2 Responses to “Hello”

  1. Keith and Joyce Says:

    HELLO Beth and Kevin!!!
    Beth LOVE this card! It’s a Keeper! Thanks so much for showing
    us how you make stamps. Keith and I are finding this Very
    Interesting……. Keep up the Great work!!

  2. Michelle Pearson Says:

    very cool…nerdy crafters like me always wonder about the behind the scenes process! 🙂

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