Wed Jan 22nd!

Our World, Snowman

purple:red snowmanso this card I used the Sizzix die but extended the end that seems short to me.  I extended it by not placing my top cutting board over the end.  If you look in the comments there are a few instructions from customers that show other ways to extend and there is a you tube video showing how to extend.  Love the purple and red…reminds of the purple hat ladies clubs!

Here is my latest project that I’ve been working on….

old window 1before our son left home this summer we had some family pictures taken.  I had this old window that I bought with my birthday money from my Mom.  I love using my birthday money from my Mom and Dad for special things.   It just puts a smile on my face when I see the things in the house and remember my parents and just little things they  do like birthday cards with money! 🙂

I love scrabble letters.  Have used them for a few things.  I made  clean/dirty signs for dishwasher.  I will try and show them tomorrow.  Our names worked out perfectly with the scrabble letters.

old window 2how cute is that?!!




One thought on “Wed Jan 22nd!

  1. Hi Beth,

    Very cute and creative to put that in a window frame. I know what you mean about things my parents did for me and I still enjoy seeing them around the house.


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