2 thoughts on “Sept 30

  1. This was my last email from Endless Creations! I miss getting your wonderful ideas every day and hope I can continue to get your postings! If I should be looking elsewhere, please let me know. Love love Endless Creations and hope I haven’t accidentally “unsubscribed”.

    Thank you so much! Karen Brawn ggbrawn@comcast.net 206-605-0102

    PS: I usually go to the Heirloom Pro stamp shows in Puyallup, WA. I also try to get to the show in Grapevine, TX. Are there other shows in this area (Washington) that I could go to. Thanks!


    1. I’m not sure why you are not getting the posts. Try signing up again. We did not post last week so that may be the problem. Heirloom is no longer doing a Puyallup show but Scrapbook Expo is. We did not sign up for it because it is scheduled on the same weekend as another show. We do plan to be in Grapevine in Jan 2017! Hope this helps.


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