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great day1

Wishing everyone a great day today!

We are here in Sharonville,  OH getting ready for Stampaway.  We had an awesome group in my class yesterday.  We are going to go and finish setting up this morning and then the show starts this evening.  It was really nice to get mostly set up yesterday before my class and now just some finishing touches to do in the booth.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Stampaway!

  1. I wouldn’t have thought to use that background paper with the snail, but that’s why YOU are the designer and I am the purchaser!! Another awesome card. Thanks.
    I just love your stuff. . . . . . . I hope you and Keith sell out and book a trip to Hawaii sometime during your cold Wisconsin winter 😀


  2. Beth, I hung the scalloped oval punch up while I shopped for other stamps and when I got it , I grabbed the 2 1/2 round scalloped punch. I needed the oval for the smaller oval with dots stamp. Storyof my life!!! Can I mail this to you and you mail me the right one??? Norma Trader


  3. Is this BETH ???? not SARAH !! I need to corrrespond with Beth. This is Norma Trader who you helped with the oval punch. I hung it back up while looking at other stamps and went back to get it and grabbed the 2 1/2 round scalloped punch instead of the 2 1/2 oval scalloped punch that would go with the small oval with dots stamp . I didnt notice it until I got it out for show and tell with the gals at the hotel Sat. night. Can we mail them to and from each other???? Story of my life but what do you expect from an 80 yr old I guess !!!!!!!!!!!!! Norma Trader, South Bend, In. Hello to Kevin, I told him to remember my name since I bought him lunch and dinner !!!!!


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