Somebunny- Wednesday April 8, 2020


Good Morning! Here’s a crazy card for hump day!! So this card was cut short and then the largest spring bunny was added to hold the bottom part of the card. so cute! don’t look at the back of the bunny since I stamped it wrong and had to turn it over 😳

Stamps Used:

J021 Spring Bunny Large;

B315 Hoppity hop hop;

E327 Somebunny Easter;

D349 Easter Blessings;

2 thoughts on “Somebunny- Wednesday April 8, 2020

  1. hey Beth. hope you’re keeping safe. we are still stuck in Florida and don’t know when we will be back in Wisconsin. Good place to be stuck I guess.

    where did you get the plaid paper you used on the bunny card? i’ve been looking for some but can’t find any

    Jean Vetter Sent from my iPad



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