Storage for Large Embossing Folders

Studio Pictures

large emboss folderSo this is the file cabinet that I found at a goodwill to store my large embossing folders in.  It was an ugly army green and so I sanded it and painted it black to match the studio.    When you go to goodwill looking for things like this there is something to look for.  In the next picture look at the back of the embossing folders….

inside emboss folderSee the ugly green! 🙂 I didn’t paint the inside…that is too much work.  But at the end of the folders is a little mechanism for sliding back and forth.  These helps so when you only have a few like this they still stand up.  Then as you gather more you can slide it back.  If the slider doesn’t work really well which mine didn’t…I just took a bar of soap and slid it up and down the parts that should move good and now they move great.  So when you go looking always check what the inside looks like.  There is an art to goodwill shopping!


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