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ShelfI purchased this shelf along with my desk…years and years ago…we just got both out of storage and I wasn’t sure I was going to bring the shelf.  In my last office it was a little impractical because it has really wide shelfs.  I have discovered that it’s perfect for my studio.  It fits lots and lots (I think I currently have 9 baskets, 4 boxes, one drawer, paper , and a revolution cutting machine) and there is still a little bitty space left!  I have organized all my embossing folders and die cuts on this shelf which is right next to my vagabond.

emboss folder2So I store my embossing folders in picture boxes from Michaels.  You can get them really cheap on sale.  I then labeled them by category.  The hardest part of categories was the pattern folders.  Some have a very distinct pattern that only goes one way and then some are the same pattern all over.  So  the ones with a distinct pattern I labeled under Design and then other under Pattern.  There are really big embossing folders out now and I found something at Salvation Army for storing them in.  I did have to paint and sand it!  I’ll show you that tomorrow.

One a side note….shop door

This is the door to my studio.  It was just a boring white door.  I fixed that yesterday! I think I have painted seven doors so far in my house.  I’ll have to show them to you they just put a smile on my face every time I use one of them.  If you ever shop the paint department at Home Depot or even Menards they have a section called Oops Paint.  They sell quarts for $2.00 and gallons for $7.00.  Normally these paints are $14-15 and $32-35.  I love Oops paint.  Kevin says I buy paint and then figure out what to do with it.  My absolute favorite paint is Behr paint from Home Depot.  The thing to remember when shopping for Oops Paint is you have to pay attention to what kind of paint you are buying!  I didn’t always do that in the beginning but I’ve gotten way better!  This paint was paint and primer exterior paint…perfect for doors.  Today I’m going to paint the side door of the house with the same paint.  It looks awesome.  I also painted the following picture frames yesterday. ( I do work too!  I get my orders out and then start playing!)picture frames

There are two big ones and two small ones.  Got them at a garage sale the other day.  They had $0.75 on all of them but they took $2.00 for the lot!  They were ugly brown which wouldn’t go in the studio at all.  A fresh coat of gray paint yesterday and now TODAY…they will get metallic primer on the glass (you won’t see any flowers) and then chalkboard paint over that.  Going to put magnets on my embossing powders and glitter and store them that way!  Can’t wait to get them done. Well better get to work.  I did get my orders out already so I’m ready to roll!  I do have a bunch of new designs for stamps rolling around in my head and some sent from Karissa that I need to get designed and out…maybe tonight after I’m done painting.



2 thoughts on “More Studio

  1. I am trying to clean today and now reading this YOU are making me wanna’ just go play……I should have all of the endless energy you have….I could use it…..I have your folder in my email named Endless Beth…..Endless for obvious reasons….that helps me to remember who the folder is designated to, but perhaps I should change the title to Endless Energy….what do you think? 😀 Have fun and am loving the pictures of the studio…looking forward to the finished product and loving all of these extra ideas….thanks for sharing with us!


  2. Love, love,love your embossing folder storage and your idea for
    embossing powder storage too. I think I’ll copy your folder storage
    idea, but don’t think I’m ambitious enough to try the embossing
    powder storage one. You are sooo! creative.


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