Vellum Thank You

Harriet thank youGood Monday Morning to You!  It is a beautiful morning here in WI…sunshine…sunshine…and more sunshine!  Makes the heart happy.  We had much rain over the past week and now I’m hoping to get my laundry caught since I can hang it on the line!  This week will feature an old item..printed vellum.  I pulled some out of the cupboard the other day and went to work.  This purple is a new purple from The Paper Cut called Basis Purple.  I really like it.  I’m going to post a picture of the embossing folder I used.  It is one of Cuttlebugs…been out for a while but it has a great feature to it.  If you’ve noticed some of your folders having a slot on the folded side the next picture will show you why.

emboss folderReally only works with Steno Cards.  A steno card is an 8.5×11 paper cut at 4.25″ on the short side so that you have a card with the fold on the top side of the card.  You can also put the card so it’s short and long!  Does that make sense. It’s scored at 5.5″ With these folders you can emboss the entire front of the card.




2 Responses to “Vellum Thank You”

  1. tommyswife23 Says:

    Thanks for the info Beth…..had not realized and am now going to look to see if mine do… the printed vellum, although it is hard to find anymore 😦

  2. Wendy Miller Says:

    Very pretty and easy. Be sure to look at how she used her embossing folder.

    Love you!!!

    Sent from my iPad

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