studio9One of the best things that you can do for organization is to LABEL things!  I’ve been labeling my stamp cases.  I was going to use a chalkboard type things so I can change it but didn’t really work the way I wanted it to so we resorted to the Dyno Labeler!

Some of you wonder where I get my energy!  Born with way TOO much!  It is nice to have but can be a hindrance since it’s hard for me to stop and do  nothing.  One thing that is very hard for me to do is repetition work.  I find it way to boring! 🙂 so in order to get things done that require repetition (like labeling my cases)  I just do one section at a time.  That way a four or five hour repetition job all at once …I break up over several days.  Been taking about 15 minutes each morning and if possible again at evening to label a section so it’s not such a big job.  Just a trick I use to get things done that I hate doing!

Well better get going.  I want to paint some decking today that was painted when the wood was too wet so its peeling up.  Going to sand it and paint it since it’s going to be sunny for a few days.

On a side note…I painted my front door a shocking pink this weekend!  It’s looks awesome but it is shocking!  I love COLOR!front door


3 Responses to “Labeling!”

  1. tommyswife23 Says:

    Great job on the painting and love the color!!! I was disappointed to hear about the chalkboarding not working so well…..just purchased some chalkboard paper and failed to buy chalk :p but will get some later today, I hope! I was so hoping that it was going to be a keeper.

  2. endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

    You might want to look for a chalk marker! They are much neater than regular chalk that can brush off and they also have a finer tip!

  3. kharismabee Says:

    Dad did not sound thrilled about the pink when I was talking to him the other night and set me up to be disappointed but I really it!

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