Ribbon Storage

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ribbon drawer1ribbon drawer2black cabinetOn to the Studio!  When I looked for cabinets to put under the counter I went looking specifically for drawers…and lots of them.  I like how they help organize and keep things together.  So the top two drawers here hold my ribbon.  I just use boxes and it makes it easy.  While the one drawer might look a little messy it’s really not.  The first box keeps ribbon that I cut off the spool but then didn’t use.  I go here first when looking for ribbon and if I don’t find what I want then I move to the spools.

You’ll also notice my stickles to the left of some of the ribbon.  I really like those stickle holders.  I bought them from Gary B. Burlin at one of the shows.  I can’t remember how much but not expensive.  I also use them for my re-inkers (that will come at a later date!)

Kevin put knobs on my drawers they other day and they really help!  They look nice too!

mbathroom paint

mbathroomOn a side note…I mentioned that our whole house needs updating and here is my latest project.  The master bathroom.  It needs a new floor, new counter tops, new sinks, new shower…well the whole things needs re-doing so I’m starting with the cabinets.  I have some quartz counters picked out and some 12×24 tile but wanted to paint the cabinets before they went in.  I’m not a fan of granite counters although I love how they look so I did a little research and found some quartz counters that actually have silver in them for a cleaning agent!  They also look like granite so I wanted to try them in the bathroom before I spent the money for the kitchen since I have a lot of counter space in the kitchen.

I went and got some sample paints at Home Depot and painted swatches on the four cabinets..then lined the paint up in order so I didn’t lose track of what was where.  I made a huge mistake though in not taking the paint sample to the counter and floor place to match.  There are a million shades of gray, well wait maybe there are only   50!  and no, I haven’t read the book. 🙂 so some of the samples didn’t match and I had to sand paint off and repaint samples!   I leaning towards the dark gray and then I’ll sand it so the white shows through distressed. Still contemplating!  No painting today…I want to finish making stamps for the Bloomington, MN show and we have a few orders that need to get made and shipped so all work today!  Have a good Monday.



3 thoughts on “Ribbon Storage

  1. Well, you know me….gotta’ comment…..can’t stay out of it 🙂
    Love the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the ribbon storage, and as to the cabinets in the bathroom, definitely the dark gray….looks fabulous, but then I happen to love gray and am not much of a silver fan 🙂 Liking the stickles storage bins as well, but would need a lot more than that 😀


  2. Hi, Beth. I’ve been following your blog – love both your cards and storage ideas for your studio. I hadn’t seen the Stickles holder – will have to check it out at Collinsville. Look forward to seeing you then – and do your make-n-takes.


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