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Good Morning!  Here is a simple triple flag banner card.  We are hoping to get these cards on the website on Wednesday so I have a few more samples this week.  This stamp doesn’t cut well on the brother so I have to use the trick with acetate and then it cuts beautifully!  Went back and made a mat for it too!

A little bittersweet day for me yesterday.  We have a young girl coming to stay with us while she does an internship here in Green Bay so I needed to clean out my son’s room.  I’ve been avoiding that room because it makes his leaving home so final (even though I know it’s final…it just seems like closing the book on a chapter of our lives!)  So I texted him to see if he wanted anything from his room and his reply was “do what seems best, I have enough of everything!”  so it all went.  Well, I did keep his lifeguard shirt ( I don’t know why!), a few pair of jeans ( I want to make a quilt with some of the fabric), and all his ties went in his Dad’s closet!  So the book is closed!. We even took it all to Goodwill so I can’t go back and take things out.

Well, I still have some orders to get out so I’d better get to work!  Our rule when we are off the road for awhile is we work until noon in the shop and then play catch up on all the things around the house that need catching up from us being gone so much.  So much to do in a little bit of time.

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    1. For stamps that are solid or not a continues line…I stamp them on paper…then place them on the mat…put acetate over the top (a little bigger than the stamped piece of paper) draw a line with a sharpie where I want the machine to cut. Scan in it. when it comes back (before it cuts) I take the acetate off and then it cuts the paper! so basically 100% of your stamped images can be cut out with the brother.


  1. Hi Beth,

    Oh it certainly is hard to lose this kids from the house isn’t it? I always kid Mark that he never told me when we had these kids that we had to give them up someday!

    What do you mean you tricked the brother machine with acetate? Oh I do need a lesson from you on this machine 🙂 I sure wish we lived closer. I know I have not touched the surface of what this machine can do. I have never done the thing that you mentioned the other day about going to the brother site and downloading stuff on a stick drive and then using that in your machine? I need to look at that too. Also, I want to know how to “weld” letters or a word on a line as there are some die cuts out there like that and I love them but feel it is crazy to buy them when I now have this machine – right?

    How are you doing these flag cards? Do you have a die cut for them that I didn’t see in your booth at the convention in West Bend? Also, did you send me individually that E-mail about sending a stamp back to be put into the three levels? I couldn’t decide if that was for me alone or if that went out to others?

    Anyway, I’m proud of you for getting rid of all your son’s stuff. I still probably have too much of Ben and Marisa’s stuff around here 🙂

    Have a great week, Kathy


    1. Have you ever experienced a stamp not being recognized by the brother? Either because it was solid or did not have a continues line? What I do in those cases is stamp the image on paper and place on brother mat. I then take a piece of acetate that is larger than the stamped piece and place over stamped image on mat. I then take a sharpie pen and draw a line around the stamp where I want the brother to cut. Scan it in. Once it is recognized I then take the acetate off and have the machine cut the image. Works Slick! The brother website to go to is scanncutcanvas.brother.com. not sure exact but google canvas brother scanncut and it should come up. I’m hoping to put some of these things in videos and then on blog. If only I had more time in a day! I did individually send you that email. I think what I’m going to do is send you another SC stamp and then you can use that to stamp with Staz-on on all your SC stamps. Does that make sense? You were the one that got me to put the image on the cling mount stamps. You were the only one who ever asked and then the other day a 2nd person asked so we looked in and it seems complicated but really wasn’t 🙂


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