Feb 9

Birthday, Valentine's Day

No rest while down here in Florida!  We’ve been changing some things in the booth that haven’t been working with our new system. Has to do with back stock so customers wouldn’t notice change but I need the change πŸ™ƒ. So another busy day today plus I need to fit in some laundry, make the stamps that were sent to us, and send out orders. yep a busy day!

Stamps Used: C300 Sweet on You; GG39 Candle Cake Lg;

Feb 7

Birthday, Valentine's Day

We’ve had a crazy day today!  We had to go to the Post office to mail a couple of orders. Next we decided to spy out the new convention place for the New Port Richey show. Looked for a place to stay down there and it seriously took all day!  We did have to move the RV spot since they gave our reservation away and had us next to the freeway. 😳 You could literally feel the semi ‘s flying past. πŸ™„ 

But we are settled now in a quiet spot and know where to go on Friday so all is well. 

A cute card with our new stamps!

Stamps Used:  C300 Sweet on You; DD93 Candles Cake, Med; GG39 Candles Cake, LG;

Jan 30

Top Note Card Making Cutting Die, Valentine's Day

Good Evening.  We are having a blizzard here in Wisconsin !  Light fluffy snow. 2-3 inches have already come down. We wanted to load the trailer today but too much snow πŸ™„

A few new stamps on today’s card. I love the new fondue cake. 

Stamps Used:  DD95 Fondue Cake; C300 Sweet on You; EE25 Dots & Lines; D30 Will you Valentine? 

Die Cut Used: Top Note Card Making Die; 

March 16

Creatures, Friendship, Valentine's Day

We are sending some love this morning!  Hoping to get in the shop early today. I will feel caught up when we get all the internet orders out and the taxes to the accountant πŸ™ƒ

Stamps Used:  EE36 Foxes; CC73 Grass; EE52 Paper Airplanes; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; C199 Woodchuck;

We have gotten some of the dies back in stock and we have updated the website!!!

Feb 15

Valentine's Day

Good Morning. Our travels are going well. We are near Nashville, TN so 12 hours or so to home. 

We had a great time in South Carolina!  Our awesome Georgia help came over to help… we saw lots of men make n takers!!  Thanks to Jamie, Becky, and Sandy for their help. And we can’t forget to thank Jim/Ed and Allan for bringing the girls over ! Thank You!

Stamps Used in today’s card: D208 Sweet on You;

Jan 8

Snowman, Valentine's Day

We had a fabulous time here in GA! We’ve moved on to Augusta, GA for the week before the Columbia, SC show. I have a lot of mnt to stuff and have some new images I’m working on so the week will go fast. a BIG thank you to Jamie, Becky, Alex, and Sandy for their help at the mnt tables. and yes we broke the record for mnt’s last year. We did well over 200 this weekend. 

We have the BEST fans! These two drove from Florida to Georgia just because we were in Georgia instead of Florida!  There was a show right in Florida they could have gone to. We may not have the most fans but we do have the best!! And yes, Ron from The Paper Cut, snuck in our photo. 😜

Stamps Used into days card:  D235 KB’s Top Hat Snowman; E239 Happy Valentines Day;