Here we go Again!!!


fox & snail 2

Here’s a card to go with the cup we posted last week!

Sooooooo we are off again!  Leaving today at noon for the last leg of this journey!  I admit it!  I am weary!  🙂

Have a last few stamps to make this morning but we are mostly packed!  I don’t really unpack.  I wash the clothes and just put them back in the suitcase.  So they went back in the suitcase this morning and the suitcase went back into the truck…Looking forward to Cincinnati!

4 thoughts on “Here we go Again!!!

  1. Beth you must be very organized in your packing to be traveling with a schedule like this! I could take a lesson from you.


  2. I’m a little behind on my email responses. I would like to purchase this stamp. No rush. If you have it available I can pick it up from your house. Or we can make the exchange through Sonya too. Whatever works best for you. Just let me know.

    I read today on your blog you are headed to MN tomorrow (actually today, since it is now after midnight). Have a wonderful visit!


  3. Okay, I get it. I guess I could have clarified a little more. Me dummy! ” friends make life sweeter” would be the one. Sorry.


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