Be Merry!

Christmas Cards

xmas owl

Good Morning!  So nice to sleep in my own bed last night 🙂  We drove till about midnight Sunday night, got up really early to get all my orders placed.  Left the hotel at 5 am Central time/ 6 am Eastern time and got home around 7 pm Central time/ 8 pm Eastern time.

We sold a record number of brother machines this weekend!  I’m pretty sure it was because of my awesome help in the make n take booth…Keith and Joyce have helped us for several years now at the PA shows.  Awesome help!  Of course I managed to sell a machine to them too! 🙂

A sweet little christmas owl from our new stamps!  Love his ears!  Stamps Used:  FF40 KB’s Christmas Owl, DD63 dots & circle, DD76 Naughty & Nice Fun Cube.

LOTS to do today so better get moving!

4 thoughts on “Be Merry!

  1. Back home again, safe and sound. How many brother machines did you sell? We have five ladies ( including myself) attending the Madison show in November. I’m curious to see the machine in action. We must stop by your booth.


  2. It was good seeing all of you this past weekend. You are right about your booth being super busy. That is just the way it should be! Glad you made it home safe and sound. Take care. Sandy and Bryan


    1. Next time you see me- please let me know your name! 🙂 than I can put a face with your name. We see a lot of people and I recognize lots of people but I don’t always have a name to go with the face so would like to attach your name to a face! 🙂 🙂


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