Good Morning!  We are back on our way home after a terrific show in York, PA!  I learned an awesome tip for the brother machine!  My mats got well used (we demo’d the machine a lot!) and they were not very sticky and a gal told me to use painter’s tape.  So I tried it and it worked great.  JUST to caution you all…she got tape stuck up in her machine and had to take something apart to get it out so that’s a little scary! so be careful!

Here is a sample card with some of our new halloween stamps.  The faces are so adorable.  The ghosts, pumpkins, and both faces come mirror reverse.

Stamps Used:  EE50 KB’s Dancing Ghost, FF39 KB’s Trio Pumpkins, DD65 Halloween Fun Cube, DD60  Circles & Dots, E186 Be careful beware, BB59 KB’s Pumpkin Face Sm, CC67 KB’s Pumpkin Face Lg.

Hope your week is a great one!

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