Boo! 2



Good Morning!  I hope you guys don’t get tired of hearing about how much I love the Brother Scanncut because here is another example of why I LOVE it!

I stamped the ghost and then had my brother cut it out.  Next I placed a white layer swatch that was 4.0″x5.25″ on the mat so that the ghost image was right in the center.  I then put the outline distance for the cutting blade to .12 (it was at .04 for the cutting of the ghost) and got this shadow for the ghost to be placed over.  How cool is that…you certainly couldn’t do this with a die!

Stamps Used:  EE50 KB’s Ghost, DD60 Circles & Dots, DD65 Halloween Fun cube, F176 Boo!

So we had a little trouble with our lovely dog this morning…well it really began in the middle of the night.  Our  dog who is actually going to turn 20 soon or already is…anyway she’s very, very OLD!  She was very restless last night so Kevin put her in the garage but he forgot that he didn’t put the paint away and so we now have a mess!


yep!  She found the paint!  nice blue paw prints all over the garage 🙂