Happy Holiday

Christmas Cards


a quick and easy Christmas card tonight.  I used prima color pencils on this card but I think I’m going to try using watercolor pencils in the morning and see if I like that too!  We had a busy day today but got our wholesale orders all done and packaged.  If you special ordered a stamp at York…they all went out on Tuesday.  If you ordered a Brother Scanncut…they all shipped on Tuesday…so they should all arrived by Friday 🙂

I’m hoping to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! Well, maybe not off but work on projects around the house!  Itching to do some painting 🙂

Stamps Used:  G214 Happy Holidays Lg Tina, B286 KB’s Wreath Sm, AA15 Mini Dual Dots.

It’s hump day! Half way through the week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Holiday

  1. Glad to see your store and make purchases at York. Thanks for showing me and 2 other ladies the Brother on Sun. Just drooling and now saving for one. I laughed at getting your phone no. for any questions. Beth, you have been teaching me since the old days of OC, MD. You are what made my card making come alive! Thanks!


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