Tues Feb 4

valentine XOa simple valentine’s day card this morning…The circle is actually punched out and the top layer is  3D popped out!  I feel really bad because during the show in GA someone asked me where this XO stamp was and and went to show them and someone else asked me something and I forgot the XO person and then I couldn’t find her 😦 hate when that happens!  So I apologize to anyone I didn’t get a chance to help.

Stamps Used:  B244 KB’s XO; B186 Happy Valentine’s Day Rad

We are in Clearwater, FL waiting for the show this weekend.  The weather has been odd; We had crazy FOG last night.  You could barely see a few feet in front of your face.  But it was warm so I’m not complaining.  We hope to go out and loaf on the beach this afternoon.  Kevin took the truck in for routine maintenance.  I’ve been working on the website and orders and soon we’ll relax!



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