Monday Feb 3rd

valentine flowerwe are sending love to everyone here in Lawrenceville,  GA.

 A GREAT big THANK YOU to Jaimie for helping me with Make n  Takes.  Couldn’t have done it without her!

We are off bright and early this morning!  Kevin asked one of my favorite customers (I’m really bad with names!) about the Atlanta commute and he decided we better get out of the city before breakfast so we are off!

I’m so sorry Jackie about your Denver Bronco loss!  🙂

We had a awesome time here!  We thank you.  Also my students in both of my classes were terrific. A special Thank You to Cathy for my socks and treats!  You guys really make being on the road fun!  Kevin and I are truly home bodies but I would really miss all of you guys if we didn’t go on the road!  Have a great Monday!

Stamps Used:  A186 Solid Heart; A188 Stitched Heart; DD60 1 or .25″ dots and lines; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; DD22 Dual Stems



2 Responses to “Monday Feb 3rd”

  1. Ronda Says:

    It was really good to see you guys yesterday. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to enjoy my new goodies. Thanks for all of your help, and glad that you had a great trip to Lawrenceville 🙂

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