Another day…


photo 1-1it’s another halloween card today.  It’s been a complicated day beginning with no milk for breakfast, no cream for the coffee, and no groceries in the house!  But I do have my laundry all caught up, groceries in the house, suitcases put away, all the orders have gone out, the bills have all been paid,  and I have a good start on getting stamps done for the next show which is in two weeks. Not bad for a Tuesday 🙂

I have been working on a quilt for my niece and I have three rows left on it so it’s in my plans to have that done before I leave for the Mesa, AZ show.  I got it all cut out and basted together this evening so now I just need to get sewing…so I think I’ll do that!  Have a good evening.

5 thoughts on “Another day…

  1. Whew! I’m tired just reading your list of chores – you must not have stopped all day! Hope you have a “quieter” day tomorrow!


    1. Yes, as soon as I have the quilt done, I will post it. I’m hoping to do a pillow case for her too. She painted her room black…yes black and then splashed neon bright colors green, pink, and blue all over it. Came out cool. I’ll have to take pictures of quilt in her room.


  2. Had to comment on your note today. I am constantly competing with myself…….cardmaking/quilting…..quilting/cardmaking!!! Which should I do today??? I had one craft/sewing room and now I must have two. One in the bedroom and the other on the dining room table. I have a patient husband that always tells me, “it’s organized chaos, so don’t worry about it”. Love your blog and the cards you turn out. Thanks!


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