Another day…


photo 1-1it’s another halloween card today.  It’s been a complicated day beginning with no milk for breakfast, no cream for the coffee, and no groceries in the house!  But I do have my laundry all caught up, groceries in the house, suitcases put away, all the orders have gone out, the bills have all been paid,  and I have a good start on getting stamps done for the next show which is in two weeks. Not bad for a Tuesday 🙂

I have been working on a quilt for my niece and I have three rows left on it so it’s in my plans to have that done before I leave for the Mesa, AZ show.  I got it all cut out and basted together this evening so now I just need to get sewing…so I think I’ll do that!  Have a good evening.

September 28, 2012


Good Morning!  Having kids to get to school has it’s advantages…I’m up with the crack of dawn….should get lots of work done today!  My nephew says to me yesterday (as I’m showing where he’ll sleep and where to put his toothbrush)  “wow, a week of awesomeness!”.  I thought it was really sweet until he added “with Uncle Kevin”.  It’s all about Kevin!  It is getting chilly here.  We finally had our first frost.  Halloween is surly right around the corner!


September 25, 2012


Oh, it’s a difficult morning here in Green Bay!  Still in shock over the Packer win but really lost!  Even my friends from Seattle said that Packers were robbed!  But isn’t that just LIFE!  Getting ready for our next show which is in Fort Wayne, IN!  I’ve been working on new Make n Takes since several of our next shows are here in Wisconsin.  Need something new for everyone to do!