Hump Day!



Good Morning to You!  We are half way through the week.  We are looking forward to Grapevine, TX in a couple weeks.  We are leaving on Saturday to spend a little time in Minnesota and then on the Nebraska with my brother.  Was hoping for some warmer weather but it’s not looking likely 😦

Here is the wedding card.  I love the Silver Encore Metallic ink.  It makes a simple and elegant card.  Lots to finish up today so must keep moving 🙂

Stamps Used:  H81 Wedding Bells Lg, G336 Special Couple, D64 Wedding Bells Sm

Monday Morning

Snowman, Thank You Cards

thanks snow much

Good Morning!  Company is all gone! Whew!  Love to have them all come but nice to be back to just the two of us…Although Karissa and I accomplished a lot this weekend.

Maybe you need a thank you card for your gifts…here is a simple one.  Stamps Used:  FF36 KB’s Snowman Looking up; C241 Thanks Snow Much

Karissa and her Dad spent the afternoon making a bench out of an old crate.  Total cost of project was $10 for the hinges!  She is her mother’s daughter !

kb and dad

The Green Bay Packers also had a great win yesterday.  NFC North Champs!  Way to go.

The Day after Christmas!

Christmas Cards

seasons greetings

Good Morning!  Hope your Christmas was good!  I’ve been doing a lot of cooking!  When you have 10 adults in the household you nearly get breakfast cleaned up and you are making lunch, then cleaning that up and then you start supper and then you clean that up! Whew!  Glad these people don’t all live here 🙂

Fun to have but I don’t want to keep them 🙂

Here’s an easy card if you want to get next year started.

seasons greetinginside


Monday Morning!

Snowman, Winter

yellow & blue snowman

We have to make our own snow for Christmas!  It’s raining!  Yesterday was the first day of Winter but the long johns have come off and we have no snow.  We got some things done this weekend.  Well, not a lot but we did manage to tile the mudroom.  So now we just need to get it grouted before all our company comes 🙂

Love the colors of this snowman card!  Stamps Used:  EE42 KB’s Snowman Looking Up Med, F228 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Have a great Monday!

It’s Friday!


Photo Dec 13, 10 01 29 AM

It’s Friday!  How exciting is that?  🙂

Love this winter card by Karissa.

Stamps Used:  C171 KB’s Snowflake, D206 Happy Winter, BB57 KB’s Cardinal, GG26 KB’s Bare Trees Lg

We will be making stamps today.  We are close to being completely done with displays and I really want all the stamps for Grapevine done before all my company comes next week so I don’t have to worry about them.   Exciting days ahead 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

Sucker for You

Friendship, Valentine's Day

sucker for you

This morning I have a sucker holder.  It’s stands up and is so cute.

Stamps Used:  B274 Sucker for You, EE25 Dots & Lines

Our work continues on our new displays.  Kevin has been building boxes.  We are trying to get set up and tear down time down to 3 hours for set up and 1 hour for tear down.  Grapevine, TX will be the test.  They tend to be a test market for everything since they are the first show of the year.  We are looking forward to Grapevine!

Another Box!



Another tiny treat box!  Using one of our most popular stamps.  Due to its size and mirror image ability, it has hundreds of ways it can be used!

Stamps Used:  JJ16 KB’s Snowman w/ Mouse

Lots to do today!  Imagine That!  Have a great day.  It’s hump day 🙂

We’ve had lots of great suggestions for the fourth section of the pull here fun cube.  Love it!



snowman box

This week I will be posting some more little boxes that I made for examples.  They are so cute and tiny.  Just to let you know their size they are about 1.25×1.25″ big!

Stamps Used:  BB52 KB’s Knitted Scarf Snowman sm, BB53 KB’s Knitted Hat Snowman sm, DD29 KB’s Knitted Scarf Snowman

So I very seldom mention my faith on my blog because you don’t really read my blog to hear about our faith.  But because it is so much a part of our lives it is hard not to mention it.  We are very excited today because our ministers, Bruce and Jason, are coming to stay with us.  The easiest way to explain why our ministers stay with us is in Acts 16:15.  There are many places where it explains why this is in the bible but I’ve just been thinking of this one today.  In Acts 16 it tells us about Lydia who was a seller of purple (a business woman like me!)  who worshipped God.  She told the apostles “Come into my house and abide there” and so they did.  And so because our ministers are Jesus apostles they live like Jesus apostles did 🙂  So we are very excited to have Bruce and Jason come!

no snow!

Conventions, Valentine's Day

mnt 2015

I have officially designed the new Design & Treasure Project for 2015!  A BIG thank you goes out to Debbie who actually gave me the instructions for the box!

mnt 2015 2

and the inside!

choc kiss

I put a pull here stamp on the tab but I think it really needs to say “lift here” so I was thinking of designing a fun cube that has:  pull here, lift here, open here but now I need a suggestion for the fourth.  Any ideas?

Stamps Used:  A186 Solid Heart, A188 Stitch Heart, DD67 Valentine Fun Cube, EE25 Dots & Lines, B244 KB’s XO’s

All the snow has melted!  Look at this:

no snow

this is the last of the piles of snow!  What a crazy winter!  Enjoy your Monday.

Be Merry!




Good Morning!  It’s Friday!  Exciting! Easy to be merry on a Friday!

We are finishing up on our cling mount displays today.  Kevin has been peeling up the floor in the mudroom to get ready for tiling it…maybe tomorrow 🙂

Have a funny story to tell you about Kevin 🙂  He was cutting the peg board in half for the displays and he says to me…”this one is a little crooked ”  So I say “why is it crooked?”  He’s says “well, I shut my eyes.”  My reply “YOU WHAT!??”  Seriously why would you shut your eyes while cutting with a saw 🙂  Apparently he didn’t put goggles on and the sawdust was flying.  Lucky he still has all his fingers.

Stamps Used:  E259 KB’s Penguin Lg, C215 be merry, EE51 KB’s Santa’s Hat

Enjoy your weekend!

Beautiful but Cold!

Snowman, Winter

warm winter wishes

Our weather is sunny and nice but VERY cold!  My shower this morning was pretty luke warm.  Our bathroom is the farthest room from the water heater and when it is really cold the water just never gets too warm.  There are worse things in life than a warm shower! 🙂 so not complaining just observing 🙂

We have been working on our displays and new stamps…very exciting!

Karissa send me this card and I love how the brother machine cuts out the snowman…so precise and nice.  Remember that brother is offering a $50 gift card for purchasing a machine until Saturday the 13th!  I also like how Karissa used the Warm Winter Wishes by 2nd & 3rd generation stamping.  Stamps Used:  EE47 KB’s Ear Muff Snowman, Lg; C186 Warm Winter Wishes

A customer has asked me to post about a little girl who has at best a year to live.  Her grandmother has asked people to send  holiday cards to her.  My customer ran across the article in her local newspaper.  Here is the address:

Addie Fausett address:  Addie Lynn and Sisters P.O. Box 162 Fountain Green UT  84632.

It’s almost Friday!! 🙂 🙂