snowman box

This week I will be posting some more little boxes that I made for examples.  They are so cute and tiny.  Just to let you know their size they are about 1.25×1.25″ big!

Stamps Used:  BB52 KB’s Knitted Scarf Snowman sm, BB53 KB’s Knitted Hat Snowman sm, DD29 KB’s Knitted Scarf Snowman

So I very seldom mention my faith on my blog because you don’t really read my blog to hear about our faith.  But because it is so much a part of our lives it is hard not to mention it.  We are very excited today because our ministers, Bruce and Jason, are coming to stay with us.  The easiest way to explain why our ministers stay with us is in Acts 16:15.  There are many places where it explains why this is in the bible but I’ve just been thinking of this one today.  In Acts 16 it tells us about Lydia who was a seller of purple (a business woman like me!)  who worshipped God.  She told the apostles “Come into my house and abide there” and so they did.  And so because our ministers are Jesus apostles they live like Jesus apostles did 🙂  So we are very excited to have Bruce and Jason come!