Wed April 2nd

Friendship, Hello, Thinking of You

rose triple 1

rose triple 2

so I found another triple die!  It so needs to be cut though!  Love it!

We are still working on the laundry room…my husband can do anything but he usually does it really slow!  On the flip side, it is usually done right.  So yesterday we had to go to town and  get  some end pieces for the transition from the laundry room to the hallway.  Since it is a little hike to town (a tank there and a tank back- that’s $8) we decided the tiling looks so good that we would do the mudroom since we already have a big mess.  While there I got this idea to tile the counter in the laundry room.  We had everything updated but the counter and the closet.  So Kevin said “if we are going to do it – let’s do it!” So we came away with everything to tile the counter and ideas for the closet.  This laundry re-do is never going to be done 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wed April 2nd

  1. Beth,

    I hope you can remember this. Last year I bought an embossing folder from you with cattails on it. I know I wanted to use it for a card and can’t remember what that card looked like. You wouldn’t have a picture of it, would you?

    Thanks, Dawn Stein


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