March 2

Frogs & Bugs, Get Well Soon

Thinking of my cousin today who at 31 years old is heading into her last round of chemo therapy this week. Life. Not always fun. 

We have our last minute rush getting ready for the show this weekend. Big crowd for Friday nights make n take. Looking forward to it!  140 People WOW!  

Stamps Used: DD57 Bee Fun Cube; DD63 Dots & Lines; D163 Beecause I Care; EE19 Bees Lg; CC31 Bees Sm; 

Bee Cause I care

Friendship, Frogs & Bugs


so I was so busy yesterday I forgot to blog!  I thought about it several times but Kevin and I were working on the website and it got kind of  involved!  We made a lot of progress but have a ways to go.  One thing about websites and technology is that things often change fast.  We put a lot of time into the website a few years ago and now with all the smart phones and tablets we need to update the software and so that means a lot more hours spent on it.  Being stuck in a hotel sorta forces us to work on it 🙂 otherwise it’s easy to ignore.

Another easy watercolor swipe card.  I used both a yellow and a black pencil but was afraid the black would over power so made that mark small.  Stamps Used:  EE19 KB’s Bees Lg, and D193 Beecause I care.

Wed Sept 10th

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Good Morning!  It’s been a crazy week!  We are trying to get ready for the Colorado show and then to leave for a few days without thinking about work.  We leave this afternoon for our annual church convention and we will not think about working at all.  And it takes a little bit of work to arrange it all!

I have been wanting to try little index cards for some time now and they are so fun, so quick, and so easy!


Home Sweet Home

Frogs & Bugs


so happy to be home and off the road for a little while!  🙂  We are very far behind on things though so it will take us a little while to get caught up.  Especially the paperwork ! UGH!

Had a little chance to play in the studio yesterday after we got home and got all the suitcases unpacked.  I have been wanting to take the svg. files and convert them on the brother website and then cut them out.  Here is an eyeglass svg. file that I got for free!  so adorable.  Should have made it just a bit smaller but I was still happy with it.  The card is actually a scallop heart card that I also did on the brother website.  Working on the big computer screen is easier than the little screen on the machine and then I just download it to the usb port and take it to the machine and there it is!  Love it!  Today I’m going to try and cut some felt that Amy sent me.  Have to get a few orders out this morning first!

Happy Monday!

Off to Minneapolis!

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bees 2bees 1

I managed to get another MNT (make n take!) ready for the Bloomington, MN show!  So excited about our new cards…the old ones were getting boring.  Love these Flag Cards from The Paper Cut, Inc.  We hope to get them on our website soon.

I went on a shopping mission to get these blue owls that my sister got as a wedding present…

sonya blue owls

they are the EXACT blue that my planters in the front of the house are…but no success!  But I did manage to find these blue owls…

blue owl

not  quite as cute but still adorable!  He looks like he’s scowling 🙂 The price was right $24.99 with 70% off plus an additional 25% off.  I think times are tough!  Have a great weekend!

Another MNT!

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vinyl chalkboard

so it was quite a successful shopping trip!  Got this vinyl chalkboard for by my cutting table for $1.79!  All those little yellow sticky notes will be transfer to it.  They have typical measurements on them.

What does a girl do with all those left over 1″ red stripes of paper from another project!??

Design another Project!


snail 2

snail 1

Here’s to another MNT Project!  Hopefully I will have it done for this weekend.  We are leaving at 5:00 am in the morning.  The dog has already been taken to the kennel, the suitcases are all packed, and the showers will be done before we go to bed so we are ready to roll!

Oh Good Grief!

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Good Morning!  So here’s another new stamp that is coming out!

So for those of you who know your grammar…:) thanks for letting me know about the grammar problem with the stamp from our post on Friday!  The day was Friday the 13th, a full moon, and MY 50th Birthday!  Hard to believe I’m that old but it’s true…my sister couldn’t let the day go by without a party!

birhday cake

so I survived the party and re-made the stamp!


lot’s going on this week with my sister getting married!  We have a fabulous day for Green Bay today -80 degrees and sunny.  We had a really productive weekend around the house and I will be showing you some of the things we have done later this week.

Also a GOOD offer from Brother.  They are offering a pre-paid visa card for $20 with the purchase of the Brother Scan and Cut until June 21st.  We are putting the machine on our website so you can purchase it directly from us if you would like!  I LOVE the machine and from everyone who has purchased one…I have been hearing the same thing.  We will offer them for $449.00 for the  CM250.  We are not charging shipping as of yet so a great deal!  so have a GREAT Monday!

Busy Wednesday!

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Here is another 3.5″x5.0″ Triple Circle Card from my 40 birthday cards…so sweet…

We have had a busy morning today.  We are staying with Kevin’s sister here in Portland who has 3 children…which makes any day busy :)… but this morning we babysat the youngest who has afternoon kindergarten… as people with very old children…you sorta forget how busy their “chatter” makes things!   We went to Lowe’s to get some bricks because Kevin is building some sort of patio for his sisters dog kennel!  I haven’t ventured out to see what he’s building but he enjoys doing that sort of thing.

I have gotten my Brother Scan and Cut machine out this afternoon so I plan to play with it and see what else I can learn to do with it!  Have a great “HUMP” day!

Special Delivery

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laugh wrinkles than worry warts

laugh wrinkles than worry warts

Made with Love

Made with Love

Stamps used: E258 KB’s Special Delivery, B244 KB’s XO!, F204 KB’s Frog, HH26 Heart Border, D227 Laugh Wrinkles, F210 Fancy Rectangle , C214 KB’s Made w/ Love

Busy day today getting ready for the Clearwater, FL show! If you are in the area come see us tomorrow!! Here is the link for more information:

Have a wonderful weekend!