Dec 3rd

Baby Cards



Good Evening…as I headed to bed I realized that I was so busy I forgot to blog!

Our checkout computer is on its last leg so we made the decision to buy a new POS System which means we have a lot of inventory to enter. It is tedious boring work and you all know how much I love that kind of work. Sigh! but the Packers pulled off a miraculous win tonight…way to go Pack! 

Stamps Used: A120 Baby Feet; E132 Congrats on Baby; E252 KB’s Empty Love; F232 Bundle of Joy;

thanks a ton

Baby Cards

        thanks a ton for putting up with our scheduled blogging. The plan is to arrive home today so we can go back to regular blogging.  Stamps Used: A246 thanks a ton (; CC71 KB’s Baby Elephants Mini (

Thursday Jan 9

Baby Cards

happy baby1

happy babay2

Good Morning!  Today we head to Collinsville, IL for the Rubber Stamp Events.  We have a big weekend ahead of us and then we are taking a little mini vacation.  We have everything just about packed and that includes what we need for our vacation!  Getting Excited!

Karissa has included with this card the Copics that she likes to use…how nice of her!

baby happy copics1

Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Baby Animals Border; A190 Tiny Heart; F210 Rectangle Dots; C231 Happy New Baby

Baby Cards

baby elephant baby elephant 2

so we continue this week with a baby card!

Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Animal Borader (for the little elephant on the inside) A190 Heart Tiny, F232 Bundle of Joy, DD54 KB’s Elephant.

So we had some excitement at our house this weekend 🙂 You all know how I like DIY projects and I can talk Kevin into just about any project!  He’s been dragging his feet about taking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room.  I finally talked him into it saying…you only have electricity to move and it will be easy.  So we opened up the wall and this is what we found!


Water Pipes!  Ooops!  Needless to say we have a LOT of work to do today!  🙂


New Baby!

Baby Cards

bundle of joy

so we have a new baby in the family!!  Kevin’s brother’s daughter had a baby this week so in honor of our new little nephew we have some baby cards!  Aeden Harvey is his name.. He weighted 8.7 lbs and was 21.5 inches long.  He is a cute little thing 🙂

Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Baby Animal border, F232 Bundle of Joy

Have a great weekend!  Stay warm!  We are off to town to buy a couple of space heaters 🙂

Home Sweet Home

Baby Cards

IMG_4804loving the color orange these days…

so happy to have arrived home yesterday around 2 pm.  After a quick trip to town to the bank, the grocery store and to pick up the dog we got right to work on some of the orders that we had piling up.  We also had to mow the lawn again.  Hoping for a nice warm day today but it is looking pretty cold.  I even turned the space heater on in the bathroom this morning 🙂  It’s  off to work!


Mon April 28

Baby Cards


just a quick post tonight before I forget!  We arrived home from Akron, OH sometime around 2- 2:30 pm, picked up the dog from the kennel, had some lunch/supper, started the laundry, and then headed out to the shop to get  some work done!  We had some orders that had come in while we were gone and  a few special orders from the show and then we need to get ready for the Sayner,  WI show that is this weekend.  SO a busy week ahead!  🙂  Hope your Monday was a good one.

Friday April 11th

Baby Cards

baby giraffe

just a quick post today since my schedule is a little full!  Here is a simple baby card.  I think the doily lace punch from martha stewart is probably one of my favorite punches!  I’ve worn a couple of them out already.  just adds a girly touch!

Have a great weekend!  I hope to get the final touches done to complete the laundry room re-do.  Painting pegboard, cleaning out the closet, rebuilding the shelves and painting the inside of it.  Cover the blinds with fabric.  Re-purpose an old end table into the cat’s feeding station.  That should about do it! 🙂