Kathy’s Card


Kathy's Easter

Good Evening!  Today’s card comes from Kathy in SC!  A sweet Easter card.  Stamps Used:  HH27 Whumsy Daisy Lg, EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ radish

We had a very busy weekend!  We painted the entire Dining Room and then began replacing the floor with hardwood floors.  Choosing colors for the walls is always fingernail biting work!  I actually took the curtains to Home Depot and had them match a color on the curtains.  I love Behr Paint and Primer.  I’m also a big Oops Paint buyer.  So all in all I only have $40 in paint so far. I had two gallons of oops red paint…but one was too pink and the other was two orange.  So we mixed them and it was perfect.  Love when that happens. As soon as we finish…I’ll show you pictures.

One thought on “Kathy’s Card

  1. HI Beth,

    Thanks for posting my card 🙂 Thought you would like it since it uses almost all of your stamps!! I see my top sequin in green much have come off in the mail 😦 Hopefully no one will notice but me! I wish I had you guys here to do some work in our house! You are always so ambitious!!

    Have a great week, Kathy


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