Grad Card


grad card

Almost went to bed without blogging!  It was that busy of a day.  We finished the floor in the dining room, did some more painting and worked in the shop.

Sarah from The Paper Cut, Inc was up yesterday and brought me some of their new swinging z fold cards.  This is the star card.  Pretty cool.  I was a little annoyed because I couldn’t find my black pigment ink so I could wet emboss the words.  I ended up using my silver ink pad with black powder and the words still came out silver 😦  Need to get a new black pigment ink pad!

Stamps Used:  G324 Congrats and Best Wishes Border, H125 Grad hat border, EE17 Stars,  DD63 dots & circles, DD69 Grad Fun Cube

2 thoughts on “Grad Card

  1. Hi, Beth.
    Im having trouble with my cutter. it is snagging on the paper during cutting and just not cutting properly. I read in the manual that sometimes the blade needs to be replaced. Have you ever replaced yours. I don’t think I should need to yet as I haven’t done that much cutting. If you can provide me with an email that is better for questions, I’d appreciate it. Have a great day. Alida


    1. Hi Alida,
      You can email me at Likely you need to just up your blade depth. Or look into your speed under the tools. The other thing that will dull a blade really fast is to use temporary adhesive on the mat. I did that and had to replace the blade within four hours. Do you have the small one or the one like I sell??


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